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RA as Monet

It has been a nice quiet vacation - tried to get some spring cleaning done - tore apart my closet and dresser drawers and then hit lexy's bedroom.  She, of course, is off on a 7 day cruise of Western Carribean with her Dad.   Hopefully she has a good time - she will be home in two more days.  I have missed her.  I got some reading done, I re-watched North & South, and the Impressionist.  I had hoped I would be inspired to get out my paint brush.  I did get out with two of my girlfriends today and found a gift for our friend that is turning 60 on May 1st.  We are taking her out gambling for her birthday, which she loves and found a really nice gift that we are having matted and framed.  Put up a decorative border fence to keep our Yorkie in the back yard - I think it is tall enough and it had a pretty leaf pattern.  So, I can cross a few things off my list.

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It's a post from Penny on LJ!!! Well done!

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